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12.09.2022 - 19:38
Disney Speedstorm Shows A Disney Mash-up Racer
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Disney Speedstorm Shows A Disney Mash-up Racer


The Disney universe kart racer Speedstorm got a fresh trailer at the Disney Marvel games showcase event. The cinematic trailer showed us Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sully from Monsters Inc, all donning their racing gear with custom karts.

The trailer made sure to show little touches of personality from each of its characters. Jack Sparrow uses a gear-shifter shaped like a sword hilt, while Mulan has a dragon rocket built into her car. It also teased that a Monster Inc. track is coming soon. The trailer suggests some acrobatic kart moves, with ramps that can raise you over other parts of the track.

The brief look at the Monsters Inc. track also showed some of the game in action, with a behind-the-tailpipe perspective you'd expect from a kart-racer. It also seemed to indicate even more Monsters Inc. characters will be included, like Randall, Celia, and of course, Mike Wazowski.

Disney and developer Gameloft have not given a release date for Speedstorm, which was previously only set for Summer 2022.