Variants Of Poker

The Texas for his popularity and preference among the players, is the variant chosen to play in the World Series of Poker (with exclusive broadcast by the ESPN sports network) and the World Poker Tour (televised on The Travel Channel). The traditional poker is played with a few players who does not surpass the 8. For his part, Texas can be played by 22 or even 23 players (the latter in case of not using Burn Cards).

In traditional poker pattern is usually a fixed betting limit, while Texas is characterized by lack of this very thing. At any time during the game, the player can make an "all in" and play all the money you have.

Texas is known for being one of the positional variations of poker, as its betting order is fixed in each hand and is designed previously. In the best traditional poker hand of each player wins. In Texas through the use of community cards, the best hand that wins is the combination between the player's cards and those who are on the table.

The combination of the cards in each player with the community (the table) is possible, the initial two cards combined with 3 of the table or even a single letter plus 4 community. There are cases where even one of the initial letters are used to build a winning hand.

The game itself has many variations and interestingly one of them is always the most popular as a time. The Caribbean Stud Poker, after World War II, is one of the closest examples (it was the most popular of all variants for over 40 years, nothing less and main standard of the game for the increasingly thriving industry Casinos, with the construction of Las Vegas in Nevada).

With the advent of the 70's, also comes to Texas Hold'em, also known by the nickname "Cadillac of Poker". Today, this is the most accepted option for any kind of professional tournaments and the most chosen by players in the world. Its widespread use in the casinos 'online' consecrated been devoted to this variant permanently.